Our lessons are private sessions of thirty to sixty minutes depending on the student's needs, goals, and desires. Ninety minute lessons are available, but not recommended for beginners or young children.

Voice lessons are structured to each student's abilities and will focus on their strengths and weaknesses from the beginning of their studies. We will train and develop the voice through proper breathing and vocal exercises; and teach you to interpret music through phrasing, shading, enunciation, posture, and listening.

We emphasize performance, and will guide you through the steps necessary to not only sing or present your piece, but also have the confidence and preparation skills needed for any presentation – whether it be a song, speech, or monologue.

Stage presence is an important part of any performance, and we will help you to critique and improve with the aid of custom made practice CDs, and video taping to assist you with practicing at home.

Students may help choose the genre of music with the teacher whether it be Broadway, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, or originals. We will be happy to help you with any Choral or Choir music you might need for school or church functions as well. We also specialize in audition preparation for Musical Theatre.

Piano is taught the old fashioned way – by learning to read music, basic theory, and finger exercises to build dexterity and flexibility. Once through the initial steps, the student may help to choose the type of music they wish to play, whether it be classical, contemporary, or a little of both worlds!! Again, we will work on both technique and interpretation, and try to instill in the student the necessity to feel and express the music through dynamics and emotion, as well as learning such skills as memorization and proper song selection to suit any occasion.

All students are encouraged to compose their own music, and bring ideas to us in both our voice and piano studios, or bring a guitar to accompany themselves. We also encourage you to bring a friend or classmate when preparing for a talent show or musical production at school together.

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