Rita and Kathy Cavell  

Rita and Kathy Cavell (our family name is Gravina) are mother and daughter music professionals. After years of studying and performing in the theatre and nightclubs in the 1940's and 50's, Rita decided to settle down and raise a family.

In the year 1958 with two children, and one (Kathy) on the way, Rita opened the studio with 4 students and quickly the studio became a thriving business on the main line.

At Cavell Music we have had the the opportunity to meet and teach literally thousands of students; from accomplished singers to people who come simply for the love of music.

Throughout the years the studio has brought entertainment in the form of variety shows to countless venues, including dinner theaters, nightclubs, nursing homes, hospitals and prisons.

Many of our current students are the children and grandchildren of former students.

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